ORADEA – Headquarters

Address. Borșului, Nr.89, 417078 Sântion, Com Borș, Jud Bihor, Cristian Galea Phone: +40 728 890 606 E-mail: cristian.galea@camioanesrl.ro Emanuel Cociuba Phone: +40 728 890 611 E-mail: emanuel.cociuba@camioanesrl.ro Mihai Vușcan Phone: +40 729 890 612 E-mail: mihai.vuscan@camioanesrl.ro


Address. Chitilei, Nr. 105A, Sect 1 Daniela Daju Phone: +40 728 890 612 E-mail: daniela.dejeu@camioanesrl.ro Mihai Hantari Phone: +40 728 890 619 E-mail: mihai.hantari@camioanesrl.ro


Address: Bd-ul 22 Decembrie 1989, Nr. 81, Târgu Mureș, Jud. Mures Nicolae Cotta Phone: +40 728 890 618 E-mail: nicolae.cotta@camioanesrl.ro Eva Soos Phone: +40 729 678 737 E-mail: eva.soos@camioanesrl.ro


Address. Alexei Tolstoy nr. 4 Bacău, jud Bacău Silviu Cernat Phone: +40 724 674 851 E-mail: sebsilviu.cernat@camioanesrl.ro


Address: Fundătura Hărmanului, Nr. 3, Brasov, Jud. Brasov Sebastian Rognean Phone: +40 728 890 615 E-mail: sebastian.rognean@camioanesrl.ro Edward Voican Phone: +40 732 603 465 E-mail: edward.voican@camioanesrl.ro


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Technical sales representative

Some of the job requirements and duties would be: Experience in the field at competing firms is an advantage; Secondary or higher education; Maintain commercial contact with the company’s current clients, identify and contact potential clients on an ongoing basis in order to prepare offers, negotiate, conclude and execute commercial contracts; Submit proposals to management […]

Truck mechanic

Some of the job requirements and duties would be: Technical studies in the automotive field any level; Experience in the field is welcome but not a deciding factor; Young graduates with a passion for the field who want to learn a trade are welcome. They are given the opportunity for promotion and successful career development; […]